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Top drive cars for vacations

Roadtrip using the right drive car (firefly rent a car) is one of the most interesting experiences that one can have in their lives. These cars allow you to have unforgettable and memorable experiences with both your friends and family members during vacations.

Factors that determine best drive cars for vacations

Before you come to the conclusion that a vehicle is the right choice for your road trip, there are certain factors that you need to put into consideration. These factors are not limited to the following.

• Fuel economy that the car uses
• The comfort of the vehicle
• Reliability of the drive car
• Useful technology features that the drive car has

Having said that, I am going to provide copious details on the best road trip cars.

1. Subaru Crosstrek

A good drive car for your vacation must be practical, reliable, fun and capable and only very few road trip cars embrace these requirements more than Subaru. This is because this type of car has a well-rounded character and its rugged construction. Subaru Crosstrek also provides plenty of room for spoilers later and speed. Its fuel economy ratings are 33 mpg highway and 27 mpg city. Not to mention, it has a standard all-wheel drive, a compact crossover with 8.7 inches ground clearance. This drive car is an apt choice for either small families or couples who value their road trip.

2. Honda HR-V

This type of car provides an additional practicality dose for road trips. It comes with an ingenious magic interior layout seat with 6.7 inches of ride height. This enables its users to configure the cabin in 5 diverse modes(normal, tall, split, lounge and utility). This implies that this vehicle can comfortably ferry anything.

The biggest asset of this car is its low cost. This comes both at the pump and at the dealer. It is also associated with different safety features.

3. Aston Martin Rapide S

This drive car exhibits the main values of speed, style and luxury to its users. It has a V12-power stunner that allows passengers to easily cruise down a highway on the left lane. With its favourable speed, it is possible to get you quickly where you intend to go.

4. Ford Mustang (GT Convertible)

With its best interior and an independent suspension layout (rear and front), this model is one of the most refined drive cars for your vacation. It contains latest and updated tech features that encompasses digital instrument cluster that allows you to maintain an eye on essential vacation metrics like distance to empty, tunes that blast via the speakers and speed.

It’s important to note that, for an effective road trip, you need the best drive cars that will enable you to accomplish your goals. You can attempt the above-mentioned drive cars or even hire a 24hr rental car for your vacation and you will get an experience of its kind.

Breathtaking Sights of America You Can See for Free

America is famous for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. Since most of it is deserts and amazing nature, like you have probably seen in movies. There are plenty of natural beautiful views you can enjoy in US and most of them are for
free, since it is part of the nature and that can not be bought or sold. The only thing you can spend on would be a rented car, in those 24-hour rentals and start your journey. This is a list of the most breathtaking sights of America that you can see for free.

1.The Bixby Creek Bridge

Bixby Bridge is also known as Bixby Canyon Bridge, because of the view which offers from the canyons and the ocean. Bixby Bridge is one of the most photographed objects in America, not only for the sight that offers, but even for its great architectural design.

You can see the canyon from a 260 ft of high. The entrance is allowed only from the north, but it is free to watch and take pictures of the bridge and the sight it offers.

2.Getty Center

When you are in Los Angeles, one of the few things you can enjoy for free is the sight of the Getty Center. If you are a fan of architecture and art, this is the proper place to be. The entry is free, still the parking will cost you a few dollars. The building is in the top of a hill and from there could be seen he whole Los Angeles.

3.The Alamo

When you will find yourself in San Antonio, one of the places you are obligated to see is the Alamo. This beautiful and historical building, is the signification of the Texas revolution building. San Antonio in fact is known of being a cheap destination to travel to, and if you go to Alamo, you can see the battlefields and few exhibitions.

4.Canyon Road

One of the best sights to see in US, is the Canyon road, a district in Santa Fe, which is full with restaurants, art galleries and art exhibitions. The canyon road, will take you to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and its history is a long one, which dates since the colonial era, 1680.

Other places to see are:

1.Niagara Falls

2.The Manhattan Skyline

3.The Golden Gate Bridge

4.Mount Rushmore

America is full of great and beautiful sights to watch, from New Mexico, to Canada there are plenty more, sights you can visit, like landscapes, museums, ancient history, native American history, Latino museums and more. Don’t lose your chances to see this beautiful country, just visit a 24 hours car rental and start your drive in the American highways and legendary natural views.

Ideas for Newlyweds

Thailand: Mysteries of the East

Thailand is suitable not only for bachelor parties, but also for honeymoon trips. Forget about Bangkok and Pattaya. This amazing eastern country is full of the places where you can enjoy peace and quiet. For example, go to Ko Samui or Chang islands. Buddhist temples, white beaches, Thai cuisine and your sweetheart – this is a recipe of an unforgettable wedding trip.

Thailand Wedding Photographer

Where to stay?

  • Beach Republic the Residences 5*: the hotel exactly corresponds to its name – it’s situated only 50 meters away from the beach. Water is an element of the hotel’s specialization: there’s a huge swimming pool along with a great spa center. After visiting then, you should try the delicacies of Thai cuisine at the local restaurant.
  • Buri Rasa Village 4*: this hotel looks like a secret casket – it’s small but incredibly cute and cozy inside, not to mention such mandatory things as a swimming pool and massage, which make it just the perfect place for a honeymoon trip.
  • Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa 4*: soak up the white sand, order a tropical cocktail, pamper yourself in the spa and forget about anything – these are the major rules of your wedding travel at this hotel.

Las Vegas: The epicenter of entertainments

vegas wedding 127

A wedding in Vegas sounds like a hackneyed story from Hollywood movies. However, it’s quite real. It’s enough to have a passport and the desire to have an unforgettable wedding. Of course, if you really want, you can order a limousine, buy a white dress with a veil and invite a bunch of people, or you can get married in a cozy chapel, for example, in Wee Kirk o ’the Heather, or have fun in the style of Elvis in the Tunnel of Love. In general, in the City of Sin you can marry for any taste, and, of course, arrange the best honeymoon trip.

Where to stay?

  • Bellagio 5*: the most famous hotel in the city and, perhaps, the most favorite spot to stay among travelers. This is a genuine quintessence of Las Vegas.
  • The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 5*: modern, stylish and a little cheeky hotel, which is an ideal place for young loving couples who want to enjoy a breathtaking trip.

  • The SKYLOFT at MGM Grand 5*: a boutique hotel with a contemporary design by Tony Chi. Two-tier rooms with glass walls and stunning views of the Strip create a perfect setting if you want to arrange a super-modern honeymoon trip

Other ideas where to spend the Honeymoon look in our previous  post.

Where to spend the Honeymoon?

Wedding trip should be special. After all, this is not just a trip, but a kind of ritual. Are you considering where to spend your honeymoon and dream of an unforgettable vacation?

If you and your sweetheart appreciate thrills and love exciting adventures, but classic island vacations, beach holidays and serene solitude are not to your taste, then we offer to check out several creative directions for your honeymoon. Of course, you will need a car to enjoy them, so be sure to find and book it in advance. And also check our next part of Ideas for Newlyweds.

Scotland: Romance of the United Kingdom

Sherbrooke Castle

The Great Britain has prepared a lot of romantic places for loving couples, but Scotland is especially worthy destination. Northern nature, proud people and, of course, ancient castles, surrounded by myths and legends about beautiful ladies and fearless knights. You can walk endlessly on the green hills and in the evening, warm up by the fireplace with your sweetheart and tell stories about ghosts.

Where to Stay?

Many Scottish castles are open not only for visiting, but also work as hotels, where you can both stay during a honeymoon, and also have a wedding.

  • Ackergill Tower 5*: a luxury hotel located on the ocean shore in the castle of the XV century. Do you want to spend the first wedding night like a king? Then you’re welcome!

  • The Eisenhower at Culzean Castle: the castle hotel stands directly above the cliff, so beautiful views are provided there. Very exquisite natures will be happy to explore many places associated with the life of the poet Robert Burns in the vicinity of the hotel.
  • De Vere Venues Barony Castle 3: Affordable hotel situated just 40 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh. It occupies an old castle, in the middle of a huge estate, where no one will disturb you.

Fiji: Island exotics and beach paradise


Hiding from everyone in a tropical paradise – is this not a perfect honeymoon trip? Thus, Fiji would be a great choice. The small state consists of 300 islands, and only 100 of them are inhabited. The country is famous for its lagoons and magnificent beaches. If you are looking for unity with each other and with nature, fond of diving and other water activities, then this place is created especially for you.

Where to stay?

In Fiji, you’ll find the islands that have only 1-2 hotels on the territory, so no one will disturb you. For example, there are only 2 hotels on Denarau, 12 luxurious villas on Vatulele, a resort consisting of 30 villas on Vomo, and not more than 12 guests can relax on Wakaya Island at the same time.

  • Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island 5*: the hotel is located just perfectly – the beach, a golf club and the airport are nearby, so you don’t have to waste precious honeymoon travel time for extra travels, and inside of the resort you’ll be able to use 4 restaurants, a bar, a tennis court, a swimming pool, spa and of course, a five-star service.
  • Lomani Island Resort 4*: located on Malolo Lailai Islands, this hotel combines local flavor and well-thought-out amenities – 22 excellent air-conditioned rooms with modern furnishing, hi-tech equipment as well as a lovely restaurant and 7 kilometers of white sand beach will turn your wedding travel into a dream!
  • Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa 3*: a cozy hotel near the beach. It has only 15 rooms, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors.

Keep up with the next portion of our luxury honeymoon places for you!


Solo travel to the US

The United States of America are huge!

According to Yahoo Road directions it does take 48 hours to drive a vehicle from San Francisco to New York City. And that does not allow for seeing things on the way. Additionally, you’d merely see a a little slice of this land which is culturally different in the north, central and many other areas.

Traveling in America alone. Most beneficial recommendations:

Control your goals. You will not have the ability to view the whole nation. Set your priorities and select where you desire to go. You could have a shorter stay some places, but balance it out by staying longer in other places.

US residents are usually warm and friendly. Unless you are in a major city, expect to be welcomed on the road with a “Good morning!”. And in major cities and towns it is easy to ask any individual for some aid.

From New York City to little town Tennessee, generally speaking, American citizens are incredibly warm as well as friendly – it is a point of national pride.

Obtain medical insurance coverage before leaving. The American medical care system does not cover travelers to the USA and it could be expensive, so ensure you’re covered before you leave home.

Focus on country’s public radio.

It leans a little to the left on the political spectrum, well always remember that, but it offers nationwide shows and local programming to help you get an understanding of the politics not to mention traditions of United States. You may even download their podcasts.

Delight in the local foods.

While the U . S . is renowned for huge chain restaurants, you can find unique local cuisines as well. Portions are generally massive. Unless you are in a fine eating cafe, you can expect the portions to be great.

The weather conditions differs.

At some time of any year virtually every spot in America is definitely hot. You will also discover parts of the country that get considerably colder. Check out the weather before you go.

Prior to deciding to take a stroll.

A few town centers are actually alive and vivid while others are a bit empty, in particular during the night time. Strolling in the suburbs is a challenge as sometimes you’ll find no pathways. Seek the advice of a local first and foremost just before you take a stroll.
What if you reserved a car. Here some information you must learn.


Little auto rental suppliers ask for less than those located at airport terminal. Of the net exist the web-sites which do the best for you to seek out a fantastic car-hire locations away from the airports.