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Breathtaking Sights of America You Can See for Free

America is famous for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. Since most of it is deserts and amazing nature, like you have probably seen in movies. There are plenty of natural beautiful views you can enjoy in US and most of them are for
free, since it is part of the nature and that can not be bought or sold. The only thing you can spend on would be a rented car, in those 24-hour rentals and start your journey. This is a list of the most breathtaking sights of America that you can see for free.

1.The Bixby Creek Bridge

Bixby Bridge is also known as Bixby Canyon Bridge, because of the view which offers from the canyons and the ocean. Bixby Bridge is one of the most photographed objects in America, not only for the sight that offers, but even for its great architectural design.

You can see the canyon from a 260 ft of high. The entrance is allowed only from the north, but it is free to watch and take pictures of the bridge and the sight it offers.

2.Getty Center

When you are in Los Angeles, one of the few things you can enjoy for free is the sight of the Getty Center. If you are a fan of architecture and art, this is the proper place to be. The entry is free, still the parking will cost you a few dollars. The building is in the top of a hill and from there could be seen he whole Los Angeles.

3.The Alamo

When you will find yourself in San Antonio, one of the places you are obligated to see is the Alamo. This beautiful and historical building, is the signification of the Texas revolution building. San Antonio in fact is known of being a cheap destination to travel to, and if you go to Alamo, you can see the battlefields and few exhibitions.

4.Canyon Road

One of the best sights to see in US, is the Canyon road, a district in Santa Fe, which is full with restaurants, art galleries and art exhibitions. The canyon road, will take you to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and its history is a long one, which dates since the colonial era, 1680.

Other places to see are:

1.Niagara Falls

2.The Manhattan Skyline

3.The Golden Gate Bridge

4.Mount Rushmore

America is full of great and beautiful sights to watch, from New Mexico, to Canada there are plenty more, sights you can visit, like landscapes, museums, ancient history, native American history, Latino museums and more. Don’t lose your chances to see this beautiful country, just visit a 24 hours car rental and start your drive in the American highways and legendary natural views.